Own up, aren’t you an ‘epigone’?

By mhartman

Lewison LJ in M v M:

44. Lastly we were referred to extracts from Magnus and Mankowski: Brussels IIbis Regulation which states at p 8:
Judgment Approved by the court for handing down.
―But whereas the [Judgments Regulation] establishes a system of provisions, in particular on jurisdiction, the outcome of which must be ―highly predictable and excludes the Common Law doctrine of forum non conveniens wholehandedly ………… An alteration of the approach prevailing under [the Judgments Regulation] as the role model would certainly have to be followed in the epigonic field of [BIIR].
45. (―Epigonic: does not feature in my dictionary, but an ―epigone is a less distinguished successor of an illustrious generation)….

Trust Brussels to find a word for it and Lewison LJ to explain what it must mean.

Tee hee!

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